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RSLS provides interpretation and translation services globally in over 170 languages. For over 30 years, we've specialized in the clear conveyance of written and spoken ideas for the legal and medical professions, as well as government,

insurance, human resources, aerospace, finance,

entertainment and travel industries. Every project measures up to today's highest language industry standards.

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Live On-Site Interpretation

Our interpreters are Federal Court Certified, State Court Certified, State Court Registered, State Administrative Hearing Certified, or State Medical Certified. Interpreters with government security clearances are also available. All RSLS interpreters have superior expertise and experience.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Don't talk to a machine! Call RSLS for over-the-phone interpretation and have every call answered and connected by an expert member of our staff. And unlike other phone interpretation services, with RSLS you can request court certified and other technically specialized interpreters.

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Video Remote Interpretation

We offer industry-leading video remote interpreting services for anywhere in the world, on any device, and at anytime. With RSLS, you can instantly access professional interpreters for a vast array of languages. And with our video remote interpreting, you keep costs down while enjoying our superior interpreting expertise.


RSLS translators have the many years of experience, as well as the credentials necessary, to provide you with the highest quality translated documents. We'll meet your tight deadlines, and we're happy to provide certified translations on request.

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RSLS transcribers can take your multilingual recordings on DVDs, audio tapes, video tapes, mini-cassettes, and electronic files and convert them to written format. We also provide multilingual media services including voiceovers and subtitling.


We're with you for ...

– Conferences

– Depositions

– Hearings

– Client meetings

– Arbitrations

– Medical appointments

– Employee interviews

– Recorded statements

– Trainings

– Phone calls

– Technical patents

– Legal documents

– Medical records
– eDiscovery

– Websites

– Handbooks
– Brochures

– Audio/video

– And more

No matter the industry

– Legal

– Medical
– Business

– Government

– Finance

– Entertainment

– Aerospace

– Energy
– Human resources

– Travel

– Technology

– Defense

– Education

– Consumer products

– Telecommunication

– Marketing

– And more


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